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Monochromatic Botanical Printing

A technique especially designed for printing tannin - rich plants and eucalyptus on cellulose fabrics

In this course we will deal with an Eco printing technique which yields monochromatic results. We will learn how to print different parts (leaves, barks, buds, etc) of a variety of eucalyptus  and other tannin rich leaves. We will learn how to prepare the fabrics to get this monochromatic look, how to work with tannins and different folding methods. This technique explores the beauty of imperfection, the modesty and the rustic calmness of Nature.

  • 25 lessons
  • Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French

USD 250

Botanical Printing – The Full Palette

Botanical prints on wool, silk and cellulose fabrics - printing all kinds of plants and getting a wide palette of colors

In this spectacular self-pace course with detailed and inspiring videos you will learn different recipes of my mordant method based on concentration that yield a wide palette of colours. I will present my amazing library of fingerprints and we will analyze the inner structure of plants so as to know what to expect from them. You will learn different bundling techniques to print on the natural color of the fabric or to create different backgrounds. You will get good prints from all plants, even if they lack the ability to print beautifully.

  • 62 lessons
  • Beginners /Advanced
  • English
  • English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Hebrew

USD 400

My Story

My name is Irit and I am glad you are here! For me that means you are passionate about botanical printing, just like me. 

Spending time outdoors, collecting plants, bundling them, waiting impatiently to open the bundles and to see the results on a fabric, is not just an artificial or technical procedure – it is an integral part of my day-to-day life.  Discovering new ways of printing Nature on fabrics is the way I express myself.

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Many thanks to Idan Levy 

who has been walking alongside me from my first steps in the botanical printing world.

Idan has played a significant role in documenting my work, creating the visual language to present it and creating my online courses.

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Warm Words

Anette Giles


I had an amazing time in Irit’s 2019 workshop in France. I had previously taken a course on natural dyes that included eco-printing, but was never able to get the results that I wanted until this class. The method she taught was a game changer! Irit is a generous and patient teacher. Her instructions were clear and detailed, and she spent individual time with me to answer my questions. It was so exciting to use my new skills at home and get the kind of good consistent results, with clear prints that were missing before the class. I look forward to taking more of Irit’s workshops to expand my skills, and am excited for the opportunity to take an on-line course.

Jane Marie O'Leary

West Australia

To say that the 1 week course I did with Irit in Margaret River was life changing may sound a bit excessive, but it was. Irit is a warm, engaging, and patient teacher who is generous with the knowledge and experience she shares. Her instructions on process are clear and concise, but she then encourages you to experiment and is as excited as you when a new or unfamiliar plant gives a great result. I find myself continually looking at the foliage around me and wondering “how would that print?” Irit has opened up a whole new world for me.

Terriea Kwong

Hong Kong

“Eight years ago when I encountered wool felting ideas from internet, it popped up inspiring images of Irit Dulman’s nuno felt garments with botanical printings. I was thrilled and curious to know how to make such contact prints with real plants. By chance I first attended master Irit’s workshop in Pacific Grove, US. In the following years Irit’s innovative techniques changed the field of eco printing. I was lucky to have attended a few more workshops conducted by her in Spain, Holland, Uruguay and her home country Israel. Each time of different techniques studied and invented by her. She has a wealth knowledge of botanics and very generous as well patient in teaching. Irit’s innovative technique has great influence in the field of botanical textile surface design”.

Evelina Marconi


"il workshop con Irit non è solo una grande esperienza di apprendimento della sua tecnica esclusiva; è un esperienza di condivisione, di vita comunitaria, di amicizia. Per alcuni giorni siamo tutte insieme, in pochissimo tempo cresciamo esponenzialmente nella tecnica, ma allo stesso tempo abbiamo lo spazio per conoscerci,confrontarci. Durante il workshop nascono grandi amicizie che creano occasioni per altri viaggi, altri incontri, altre esperienze. Grazie Irit! Oltre ad essere una grande Maestra, sei anche una cara Amica"

Monika Lorenz


To attend a workshop with Irit Dulman is such an enriching adventure. Irit enables everybody to disclose the secrets of leaf printing as she is generously sharing her immense knowledge about the leaves, the process involved and natural dying. She perfected her techniques over the years to the highest level and helps every participant to print the wonders of nature on fabric. This experience nobody should miss.

Jean Manrique


I have had the honor of learning the art and craft of eco printing from Irit Dulman. I’ve been to three of Irit’s workshops and was able to volunteer at one and I am privileged consider Irit my teacher and mentor now for many years. She astounds me how she continually explores and discovers new techniques and then shares them with her students. Her teaching methods are very clear and effective and she encourages each student to achieve their unique best. Now a full time fiber artist, I can truthfully say that Irit and her teaching have changed my life. Not everyone is able to create such original work and then able to effectively teach others. But this precisely describes Irit.

Dorie van Dijk

The Netherlands

Irit started teaching at Atelier Fiberfusing (the Netherlands) in 2013 in botanical printing. Since then she has refined her skills and build up her knowledge in botanical printing and natural dyeing. Every year she has brought new insights, techniques and methods to the workshops and masterclasses. As a teacher she likes to share her knowledge with passion, but she is also open to learn from those who follow her workshops. I know her as a person of integrity and it is my strong believe that she is the best in the field of botanical printing. Taking a class with her is an experience that you will not ever forget.

Wendy Hardman

East Australia

I love textiles and I love colour – seeking ways to bring the two together without toxic processes of the past became an obsession that led me to Irit; her work just kept jumping out at me – best of the best. In 2017 I seized an opportunity to join Irit’s workshops in Uruguay. The learning curve was steep, Irit shares her skills and knowledge generously. The experience was so life changing I invited Irit to come and teach in Australia in 2019. Irit has distilled decades of research and practice into a series of practical exercises that build understanding and foundation skills to start the learning. My learning experience and the relationships born in Uruguay gave me the inspiration and confidence to make radical changes in my life. I am forever grateful.

Ludmila Maddalena


Mi nombre es Ludmila Maddalena, soy Argentina y resido en Uruguay hace más de doce años. Soy artista textil, artesana y emprendedora. En 2015 tome mi primera formación con Irit en Uruguay y además de la formación técnica en la impresión botánica y los tintes naturales, que fueron para mi el inicio de un nuevo camino y cambiaron mi manera de mirar la naturaleza, lo que me rodea... también ese fue el primer de muchos otros talleres con Irit Dulman donde pude seguir profundizando en la técnica de la impresión botánica de su mano y su guía... imprimiendo mi huella en un emprendimiento de moda sustentable

Anne Foy

East Australia

After following Irit’s work for a few years, I have been fortunate to attend workshops with her in Spain and Holland, and last year near my home in Australia. Each time I have benefited from Irit’s constant research, knowledge of plants, and ecoprinting with natural dyes. She is generous with her teaching - what sets her apart is her continuous curiosity and passion for her art.

Denise Leduc


I was very fortunate to have been able to travel to Azanza Navarra Spain in 2017 and Cape Breton Island in 2018 to attend Irit's workshops. Two wonderful experiences for me. Irit was just like I imagined when I started following her Eco Printing . She is very knowledgeable and is a great teacher. She cares about her students and wants them to succeed and accomplish their goals. She spends time with each one to make sure they understand and are happy with their results.. When I was in Cape Breton Island I had a goal to have a beautiful red printed piece of fabric to make a dress. She made sure I didn't leave without it. I admire her and the talent that she shares. I'm so happy she has decided to do online workshops So I can continue to learn with her. Irit will continue to amaze us.

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