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The 10 Fundamentals of Eco-Printing

Eco-printing is a unique and modern technique that combines the ancient art of natural dyeing with the latest sustainable practices. The process of Eco-printing, also

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Nerium oleander,  most commonly known as oleander or nerium, is a shrub or small tree cultivated worldwide in temperate and subtropical areas as an ornamental and landscaping plant. Its beautiful flowers can be white, pink or red. 

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Castor oil…angel or demon?

Ricinus communis or castor oil plant,  is a species of perennial plant widespread throughout tropical regions (and widely grown elsewhere as an ornamental plant).

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Eco Print – It’s easier than it looks

Most of the items you need to get ready to start Eco printing are most likely already in your home. To me, the magic of Eco Printing (also called Botanical Printing ) lies in its simplicity, availability, and accessibility. 

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Vitex Agnus Castus

It is commonly known as “Chaste Tree” , “Monk´s pepper” or “Cloister Pepper” because one of its properties is to reduce sexual desire and so it was used as a food spice in medieval monasteries to reduce the monks´ libido.

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