Workshop description

In this mini-course I will teach a simple technique that requires no mordant as preparation of the fabric.
I will encourage you to find plants in your local environment that will give colors on silk and wool with no mordant and others that can act only as a resist.

I will teach you how to create a background around the leaves, how to bundle and steam. You will be able to get good prints from any kind of plant with this method.
It is a very simple technique that will give gorgeous results quickly and easily. It is perfect for winter time when working outdoors is not very attractive and even if there are no leaves to print with, you can still get spectacular colors on your fabrics from eucalyptus that you can purchase at the florists.

It is very suitable for beginners that want to try botanical printing and to get good and beautiful results quickly and easily without immersing themselves in theories that require more complex techniques.
It is also suitable for more advanced students that want to learn another technique for silk and wool with no mordant .

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The Syllabus

  • Kinds of silk and wool suitable for this technique
  • Different results you can get depending on the qualities of silk and wool fabrics
  • How to wet silk and wool fabrics properly
  • Plants that give colors and plants that act as resist
  • Comparing the colors you can get with this technique with colors of prints on mordanted fabrics
  • How to prepare iron and tannin water to create a dark background around the leaves
  • How to bundle and steam the bundles
  • Observing and analyzing some prints
  • When you get the bonus of a beautiful blanket.

The Online Experience

  • You will get step by step video guidance in each lesson.
  • The guidance includes many visual samples that will support all kinds of explanations and will help you to easily understand even the most complicated subjects


  • The guidance also includes demonstrations of “how to do” and the videos will exactly show the processes with detailed close ups
  • You will get unlimited access to all the course materials
  • Coming soon....
  • Beginners
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian and French - coming soon

Print Silk and Wool with No mordant

A simple technique for silk and wool with gorgeous results

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