Monochromatic Botanical Printing

of Eucalyptus and Tanin Plants on Celloluse fabrics Online – Self Pace

This online workshop is my first, and I’m very happy to introduce it to you.
In this workshop I teach my latest technique – Monochromatic Botanical Printing of Eucalyptus and Tannin plants on cellulose fabric.

This workshop will deal with botanical printing technique that will yield monochromatic results.
We shall explore the beauty of imperfection, the fleeting moment and “one-of-a-kind”, and with these values create a style that transmits qualities such as calm, modesty, naturalness and a raw touch.

The workshop is suited for beginners who would like to enter the world of botanical printing through this technique. It also welcomes advanced students who wish to learn a new technique and expand their knowledge.

Get started

  • What kinds of fabric would best suit this technique;
  • How to prepare your fabrics;
  • Equipment and materials for mordanting and printing;


  • How to use available substances to prepare homemade mordant solution;
  • How to process your fabrics in the mordant solution innovatively;
  • You will get an accurate mordant recipe that allows you to get the desired results;


  • What is Tannin and how can we use it for printing and background;
  • How to work with Tannin-rich plants and place them correctly on the fabric;
  • How to lay and arrange eucalyptus with 3-dimensional parts and get beautiful and
    clear prints;
  • How to get some colorful addition with dye-based plants;
  • How to make bundles with different folding such as a-symmetrical and symmetrical
    mirror-imaging and free style;
  • How to create areas with dark and light background on the same fabric;
  • How to cook your bundles and finish the work;
  • This workshop includes 25 beautiful, inspiring videos. You will get step by step video guidance in each session;
  • Written information on the lesson subject is also included, such as mordant recipes, additional tutorials, listed plants and more;
  • You will get lifetime access to all workshop materials;
  • After registration you will receive access to a private group that allows you to show your results and join discussions. I will answer questions and offer feedback in the group at least once a week;

How are the teaching materials presented?

All workshop materials are presented in step-by-step videos. These are photo-shot and edited in order to offer full and clear understanding of the subject and provide an enjoyable watching experience. Additional informative notes  are included in the relevant lessons;

How I can access the workshop materials?

You can access the workshop from my website. After purchasing the workshop, you receive an email explaining how to access the materials, to be available immediately after payment.

Do I need to be available or online at particular times?

No. You may work at your own pace. No time pressure, no dead line. Choose when and for
how long you wish to work on something.

I live in a faraway country. Can I take this class? 

People all over the world may participate. Wonderful results arrive from different plants all around the world. Even if you are very remote, as long as you have good internet connection, it will work for you!

Are materials provided?

No. You will find a video and a list of necessary materials and equipment. They are all easy to source and inexpensive.
I do suggest you work with the fabrics of the best quality you can afford. You’ll be so much happier with your finished results.

Is it ok to share the workshop materials with a group or some friends?

No. I expect students to respect my work and the effort that go into giving this online class. I share knowledge that has taken me many years of experience teaching classes and practicing this art.




  • The online workshop materials are copyrighted, and the registered members are free to use it for their own private purposes only.


  • Use of the Site does not grant the user any right to use the Site’s intellectual property. It is prohibited to copy, record, reproduce, translate, advertise, distribute, change, process, publish, reverse-engineer, create a derived work from, lease, broadcast or publicly present the content and/or information presented on this Site.



  • Once you buy the online workshop the whole course is open to you 24/7; there are no refunds of online course fees under any circumstances;



Many Thanks to Idan Levy for all the beautiful and inspiring videos offered in this workshop. Idan is a director, photographer and editor with years of experience in creating tv shows and video programming.

Idan has been my partner for the past 21 years, and is familiar with botanical print. This fact greatly impacts the results of the video materials introduced in the workshop.

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