My name is Roberto Magnani, I live in Italy in a small town near Rimini on the Adriatic coast

Roberto Magnani

I am an artisan and a teacher of Eco print and natural dyes.
I started ecoprinting almost 7 years ago and in 2018 I founded my ecofashion brand FILO E FOGLIA.
In the same year, I met Irit for the first time  in her master class of 3d Discharge Printing, in Tuscany.
She changed my life giving me a new way to do and to think eco printing, changing from a flat print to a more artistic one.
I met Irit again  in July 2021 in her master class in Italy on Garda lake where I was her assistant with Evelina Marconi.
In 2021 I opened my shop “CONTROSENSO ATELIER” in Cesena where I sell my garments with other artisan products.

It was hard to choose but I’m happy to share these three prints that I really love…

Eco print

I made some pillow cases with these fabrics.

Fabric: Old handwoven (900’s) linen and cotton
Mordant: Combo light
Printed: Walnut and Bidens Bipinnata
Blanket: Oak tannin blanket in the back


Eco print

A present for my mother-in-law for her birthday.

Fabric: Viscose
Mordant: Combo medium
Printed: Ailanto and Bidens Bipinnata leaves
Blanket: Acacia tannin blanket.


Eco print

Little eco printed black dress – I created this for a cocktail party at Milano Fashion Week.

Fabric: Lempur fabric
Mordant: Combo strong
Printed: Bamboo leaves and Gysophila flowers
Blanket: Oak tannin

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