Colorful Wool and Silk

A simple technique for silk and wool with gorgeous results

In this mini-course I will teach a simple technique that requires no mordant as preparation of the fabric. I will show you how some plants can give colors and some others can act only as a resist.  You will learn how to create a background around the leaves using tannin and iron, how to bundle and steam. You will be able to get good prints from any kind of plant with this method. It is a very simple technique that will give you gorgeous results. It is very suitable for beginners that want to try botanical printing and to get very good results very quickly. It is also suitable for more advanced students that want to learn another technique for silk and wool with no mordant .

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USD 97

Monochromatic Botanical Printing

A technique especially designed for printing tannin - rich plants and eucalyptus on cellulose fabrics

In this self-pace course we will deal with botanical printing techniques which yield monochromatic results. We will explore the beauty of imperfection, the modesty and the rustic calmness of Nature. You will be able to create a unique “one of a kind” imprint. This workshop is suitable for beginners and also welcomes students who wish to learn a new technique and expand their knowledge.

  • 25 lessons
  • Advanced
  • English
  • Spanish, Italian, French

USD 250

Botanical Printing – The Full Palette

Botanical prints on silk and cellulose fabrics - printing all kinds of plants and getting a wide palette of colors

In this spectacular self-pace course with detailed and inspiring videos you will learn different recipes of my mordant method based on concentration that yield a wide palette of colours. I will present my amazing library of fingerprints and we will analyze the inner structure of plants so as to know what to expect from them. You will learn different bundling techniques to print on the natural color of the fabric or to create different backgrounds. You will get good prints from all plants, even if they lack the ability to print beautifully.

  • 62 lessons
  • Beginners /Advanced
  • English
  • English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian

USD 400